Street cat asks woman to come home to save her kittens
Kitty the cat lived on the street. Looking for a quiet place to rest,
Look at Flossie, the oldest cat in the world. How old do you think she is?
Tricolor cat Flossy set a record. An entry about her appeared in the Guinness
In the cold, alone, completely blind and deaf, she wandered along the icy road: she had nowhere to go.
The story of Leysan, one of my wards, touches me to tears. I found
The guy noticed a kitten in trouble: he did not call for help, but he rushed to save the baby
Residents of the Malaysian city of Sabah saw a guy in a wheelchair move
“He is like a son to me”: a man was given a car and half a million for a cat, but he refused to sell
Leva is a smart and quick-witted cat. The owner pays attention to his upbringing,
“Cat grandfather Mazai”: a man saved 36 cats
Pavel lives in the village. Every year, he sees summer residents who have arrived
I took a small kitten on the street, and this is what grew out of it a year later
It all happened a couple of years ago. I went to the store, and
The lost deer decided that the shepherd dog is his mother and does not move a single step, clinging to her
A deer got lost in a small town in North Carolina. The curious kid
Shelter dog helps his blind and deaf sister cope with life: they are looking for a home
Star and Denver are very attached to each other and, most likely, such a
Dog peeks through the window of his former home, not knowing his “loving” owners won’t be coming
I wrote this text through tears. I can’t understand how a man could do