The young Toto Cutugno performed “L’Italiano” in such a way that the audience fell in love with him irrevocably! See the video!

A wonderful voice and a wonderful child. Well done! He was able to attract the hearts of the

The TV project “Voice of Children” allowed many small talents to show their talent to the whole country. Already, many program participants are building their careers. Raffaele Papadia quickly became one of the favorite participants of the third season of the popular project.

The little boy decided to sing the famous song “L’italiano”. She talks about the most popular stereotypes of Italy, about the life that every inhabitant of this country sees around him.
This composition was written for Adriano Celentano and many believe that it was he who sang it for the first time. But in fact, the singer refused it, so the author himself, Toto Cutugno, performed it. There have been many covers of this song. It does not stop ringing not only in Italy, but also in other countries of the world. She has been loved and desired for over a decade.

Raffaele Papadia will perform this hit in a very artistic and beautiful way. All the members of the jury were surprised, how can a little boy be so macho? The project participant said his heart was already taken. He came to the “Voice” in order to prove to his beloved that he is worthy of her. Moreover, Raffaele already gives his own concerts!

Be sure to watch the video below with the performance of the little gentleman who conquered everyone with his charisma!

It’s fantastic. Bravo


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