Visually impaired singer shines on stage

Life is never easy for most of us. So many obstacles stand in the way of realizing our dreams. However, in a recent episode of The Voice, in the UK, a candidate shows that nothing can stop her from achieving her dream of becoming a singer, not even her visual impairment.

Shaka is a beautiful 27-year-old lady with a smile that can light up an entire room. Shaka gave an exciting performance singing “Good Luck” by Basement Jaxx. His stage presence is superb and live audiences are thrilled by the brilliant Blind Audition. Mere seconds into his performance, singer and judge Olly Murs decides to turn the chair around and wants Shaka on his team. However, Shaka states that she had no idea Murs had turned around as she couldn’t see anything from the stage due to the lights.
In an interview with The Voice, UK, Shaka’s father, Fitzroy, explains that his daughter’s visual impairment is known as congenital nystagmus. Due to this condition, the pupil of the eye continually twitches and is unsteady, like the rest of us. However, he knows his daughter will never let her visual impairment stop her from living her dream. Olly Murs brings in the first 3 contestants during his team’s “The Callbacks” and must choose 1 of the 3. One of them will sing in the semi-finals. The 1st competitor is Benjamin Moss, the 2nd Andres Cruz and the 3rd is Shaka.

She impresses Murs again by singing Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step” and advances to the semi-finals. During piano rehearsals for the semi-finals, Murs chose a song for her, “Take My Breath” by The Weeknd. Shaka did not expect this song, but she followed her trainer’s choice.

Murs wanted her to sing a modern piece. Shaka is ready to take on the world again when she shows up for studio rehearsals. Murs asks Shaka to be calm and calm during her performance, as he wants her to have full control over her voice. Shaka’s incredible performance on The Weeknd’s “Take My Breath” wows judges and listeners alike.
Coach Shaka said, “It was powerful, even the way you stomped and sang and owned the stage, you gave me a Tina vibe. Tom finds Shaka’s performance very natural and something she would sing about.

Anne-Marie tells the talented singer that she could hear her voice on a voice recording at home. Murs says: “It was fantastic. Murs ultimately selects David for the final. However, this is not the end of Shaka’s performance on The Voice, UK, but certainly the start of a bright future for the talented singer.


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