A couple transformed an old double-decker bus into their dream home

Charlie McVicar, 26, and Luke Walker, 27, have decided to live together. However, the couple couldn’t afford an apartment and didn’t want to spend the money on rentals. They started looking for alternatives.

Here’s what the couple’s future home looked like the day they bought it. Charlie and Luke’s father offered him land in Essex, but they also rejected the option of building their own home, as they didn’t want to spend the money.

It was then that they came up with the idea of buying an old double-decker bus, which within a year was transformed into a dream house. “We like to travel, so we didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money to buy a house. It should be noted that we need planes from our own place that Luke and I go back to from time to time.


After watching Jordan Clarke’s Amazing Spaces TV show, so we were really inspired and decided to make a tiny house from a double-decker bus. – a Charlie shared. For an entire year, Luke and Charlie worked to transform an old public transport vehicle into their dream home. Thanks to the help of their family and friends, the British succeeded.


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