Girl Drops Coin In Street Musician’s Hat And Receives Unforgettable Surprise In Return

A little girl stops by to give a coin to a street musician and receives a big surprise. The city is filled with people walking with shopping bags, families and older couples enjoying the day when things suddenly change. After the girl drops the coin, a man starts playing the double bass. He wears a fancy tuxedo as he begins to play Beethoven’s famous 9th symphony titled “Ode to Joy”.

The girl stands and looks at him smiling. Suddenly, a cellist appears out of nowhere and joins the music. The girl is stunned, but there is more. One by one, more people come out with instruments. There is a French horn, trumpet, violins and even timpani in the square playing together. A conductor arrives to help the musicians stay together. More than 50 people joined us to play the historic melody of one of the greatest composers in the world.
When you think it can’t get any bigger, a chorus of voices starts singing the lyrics. A crowd gathers as the audience and hundreds of people experience this magic together. People flock to watch, and cell phones are lifted to record the once-in-a-lifetime spontaneous concert.

The music brings a smile to everyone’s face as the children jump and dance with enthusiasm. The group of performers receive thunderous applause and bow to the enthusiastic audien


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