A blind singer brings the judges to tears with her amazing voice. She belongs on the biggest stages!

This video from All Together Now shares the joy Victoria Oruwari feels just in the act of singing, which she describes as something she can’t live without. She is a soprano, recitalist and concert artist who also teaches adults and children how to sing. It occurs at parties, weddings and commemorations. Victoria Oruwari has found a way to make singing her livelihood. A blind singer brings judges to tears with her amazing voice. She belongs on the biggest stages!

She is not a radio pop star but still brings fun into people’s lives by doing what she loves. Making a living from music is tough for anyone, and just doing an open audition for a show. Blind for several years, Oruwari says she found the strength to imagine performing in front of an audience wearing a dress. She keeps this dream and appears in this video wearing a gray dress and jewelry. She was able to win the hearts of most people.
As with most performers, Oruwari’s choice of song speaks volumes about his character and values. Climb Every Mountain is smooth and powerful, like Oruwari. Its theme is to keep facing and overcoming adversity, as Oruwari surely does.

What future for Victoria Oruwari? Of course, no one can tell, but the hope is that she can expand her teaching business, spread the love of singing to more people, and continue to support herself through this and the outstanding performances. that she gives.

Oruwari isn’t going to give up, come what may – she’s the type to climb all the mountains and look fantastic while doing it.

It’s fantastic.


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