During the Freddie Mercury audition, all the judges press the buttons at the same time

The Voice France was honored with one of the most unique voices in show history as 16-year-old Lou Mai took the stage. With Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as the song, she certainly had a great performance to match. During the Freddie Mercury audition, all the judges hit the buttons at the same time.

As the world was soon to see, she was indeed up to the challenge!

This contestant not only claimed the stage, captivated audiences, and spun all four chairs in one of the most synchronized hits of all time — she reimagined the timeless song in her own distinct style. After all, with a voice like that, you have no choice but to hold on to your unique gift.

This phenomenal performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” takes the much-loved song and turns it into something just as amazing, yet completely different. Lou Mai outdid herself in this blind audition for The Voice France, exceeding all expectations with her captivating vocal style, impeccable delivery and hauntingly beautiful stage presence. It’s an act that would make Queen proud.

Incredibly beautiful.



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