A little girl performs the hardest song in the world and surprises the judges

“Defying Gravity” is one of the most technically challenging songs a young singer can choose, but twelve-year-old Beau Dermott didn’t just sing the beloved Broadway tune — she asked for his essence like his. With a faithful and powerful performance, this young girl produced a defining rendition that blew away the UK’s Got Talent judges. A little girl performs the world’s toughest song and surprises the judges.

Halfway through the performance of this artist, we will notice that Amanda Holden is completely taken aback, pointing to the goosebumps brought to her skin. With a week one audition showing such power, the rest of the competition struggled ahead of them with young Beau in contention. No one had to wait to find out that she crossed.
With a voice built for Broadway, her song cries like it’s her own, embodying the emotion that takes the lyrics to a heavenly high. It is a moving performance of pure purity that brought tears to the eyes of the audience. While the entire panel was clearly in awe of this young star in the making, it was Amanda who expressed the greatest appreciation, even while crying.


As if his outpouring of love wasn’t a big enough expression, Judge turned around and hit the Golden Buzzer, raining down a shower of gold on Beau Dermott. This is a Golden Buzzer performance that will sound like one of the most notable achievements in Got Talent history. Wicked’s “Defying Gravity” never sounded so good, carrying its heart straight into the witchy story of two unlikely friends. It is a lyrical journey of Beau Dermott, 12, which guaranteed the discovery of a musical genius, and an essential act. It’s incredible.


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