10-Year-Old Captured The Internet With Her Voice: You Won’t Believe Your Ears Listening To Her Performance

This girl is only 10 years old, but she is a real talent. She has surprised and fascinated thousands of people, and you will not be an exception. This little one is only 10 years old, but she has a lot of energy.

YDEL GABUTERO, a Filipina girl who masterfully recorded at the age of 10, the song “The power of love”.

She is an excellent professional, a super talented girl. The singing of this little lady has reached and tugs at our heartstrings…
We love the power of her voice, and when she sings, we do everything to have a chance to hear her! With this quality of voice, she was able to be discovered on social networks and become a successful singer. Watch the video below to marvel at the voice of this rising Filipino child.


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