This is the person who creates tree duplicates so they can multiply

Can you imagine a world without forests? Currently, this is a question no one should be asking, however, it is a fact that has the potential to become a reality. David Milchard undertook an extremely ambitious initiative, he focused on reforestation through genetics, he basically reproduced certain characteristics of various species to multiply. The project is a joint and family effort, one of their priorities was to create redwoods or sequoias (considered the largest in the world), a species that can live for thousands of years and can reach 100 meters high and 8 wide.

These tree species are found in national parks in California, USA, and many years ago they were abundant, there is photographic evidence that miners were pictured next to them, demonstrating their vastness. David Milchard started creating replica redwoods in 1994. They are planted in the Presidio Forest Preserve in San Francisco, USA. His initiative aims to save, protect and care for the trees on earth, as well as the benefits of preserving these huge trees; more than you can imagine, for example, it can store more carbon and produce more oxygen. With over 40 years of experience in reforestation, Milchard is convinced that he is making a positive impact with his project and now with the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Foundation.

The goal is to propagate, collect, and replant redwood trees, as well as wanting more diversity in the forests and a chance for something like this to spread to other parts of the world.
Their mission is divided into three major points: to propagate old trees before they disappear; archive their genetics in living libraries for future generations and reforest the Earth with the offspring of ancient tree samples.


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