Shakira’s children were followed by paparazzi Shakira the star lets out a mouthful

Paparazzi who do not let go of Shakira’s children. The singer had a phenomenal rant last week in the face of a little too sticky paparazzi.
Indeed this profession is very controversial because they harass all the stars constantly, day and night. Since her divorce from footballer Gérard Piqué, the star has become a tabloid star and the cover of all magazines. So to make the buzz, everyone looks for interesting topics.

The woman seems to be really very annoyed to have to constantly wrestle with the photographers. Like a drop of water that broke the camel’s back, the star decided to react very harshly.

It is really with hope that these photographers hope to find crisp information and situations on the family which is in the middle of a divorce. Milan and Sasha, her two children, would therefore be constantly followed by individuals.

The latest situation was primary school. Shakira has indeed seen men standing with cameras in their hands, hidden outside the school of her two children. According to Shakira, there are limits that should never be crossed. In an interview Shakira gave to the New York Times, she said that her children were turned upside down by the separation and the move of the parents.

She wants to protect her children from the criticisms and scandals that everyone invents and she thinks it’s really sad that adults can’t understand that.


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