Jury stunned 15-year-old has Michaеl Jоckson’s voice

The jury stunned the 15-year-old boy voiced by Michaеl Jockson.

Testing in front of four evaluators and several hundred strangers is difficult. The 15-year-old performer stuns audiences as she overcomes stage anxiety. The talented singer does not go to the X Factor auditions to have the opportunity to participate in this prestigious singing competition.

Especially when you’re a 15-year-old whose regular audience is no more than twenty family members and acquaintances. Fortunately, Joël Goncalves did not have stage fright and he behaved perfectly. Although her first public performance was fantastic, the judges and the crowd were blown away by her singing.

Joel disadvantaged informing judges Mel B, Ronan Keating, Guy Sebastian and Natalie Bassingthwaite before the show that he would sound exactly like Michael Jackson. Joel Goncalves chose Michael Jackson’s This Girl is Mine and it was the greatest choice of his life. His skill and, to put it bluntly, his divine tenor, amazed everyone.


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