What Happened To A Girl From Somalia, Who Was Adopted By An American Photographer 20 Years Ago

The famous American photographer John Kerry travels the world to take unique and unusual photos. So 20 years ago he went to Africa for inspiration and new emotions. Then he visited one of the poorest countries – Somalia, he wandered the streets and photographed everything that aroused his interest. At that moment, he noticed a little girl who was sitting on the ground. He was struck by the depth of her eyes, in them you could see the gravity of his fate, he could not resist and photographed the baby.

After a while, when John already had a picture ready, he decided to take it to the girl’s parents.

But unfortunately they could not be found. The man started asking people on the street about this little girl’s family and found out that she lives on her own, no one has seen her mother and father.

Carrie was in shock, now he couldn’t think of anything else except the girl he had seen on the street one day. The photographer decided he had to come get her. Of course, there were a lot of difficulties, it is a long paperwork and related moments.

But he succeeded. He has already returned to the United States with a baby. He saved her from loneliness, hunger and cold and was able to give her a full and happy life. Since then, 20 years have passed. The little girl grew up and became a real beauty.


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