“The most beautiful woman in the world” by Bella Hadid: nobody expected it

The title of “the most beautiful woman in the world” brought Bella Hadid a lot of bonuses – as well as disappointments. Now, however, experts have taken the crown away from the supermodel.

And unexpectedly, they gave it back to the previous leaderboard winner!

Dozens, if not hundreds, of beauty pageants are held around the world each year. However, their winners are not considered ideal beauties.

At least based on the theory of the “golden section” – the oldest mathematical formula, thanks to which creators have been creating artistic masterpieces for centuries.
With characters with perfect face and body proportions.

The golden ratio has again gained popularity thanks to the famous plastic surgeon Julian De Silva.

The expert backed up the theory with modern technological capabilities and analyzed photographs of various famous women – calling Bella Hadid the most beautiful among them.
Moreover, in 2016, when Bella was not yet so famous, it was Amber Heard who bore the title of “the most beautiful woman in the world”.

Lo and behold, 6 years later, Julian De Silva decides to give back to Amber, disgraced after the lawsuit with Johnny Depp, her first place I wonder why Bella did not please the plastic surgeon?

By the way, all these years haters have been slamming De Silva for giving the main beauty title to Bella Hadid.

This is because the appearance of a mannequin seems too unnatural.

The model herself assures that she only had rhinoplasty – and at the age of 14! But netizens believe she’s heavily adjusted her looks – and can’t top the mark of finding the perfect natural beauty.


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