The members of the jury were immediately captivated by his voice, and after a while they could not believe their eyes

This time, something quite unusual awaited the jury on stage. Instead of the competition, the silhouette of a mysterious girl with a “shadow” of light appeared in front of them. The members of the jury were captivated by his voice, but after a while they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Lara Fabian’s rendition of the hit “I Love You” really surprised them, but when they finally saw who was hiding behind the screen, they were left speechless.

Well done wonderful performance! Very talented boy!

Great song and great voice!

Nice voice, well done. Pride to parents.

This song was interpreted in an unforgettable and sincere way by Gregory Lemarchal. Thank you for such a great performance.

How often I look and admire! Good luck to you, my angel.Divine!!! Angel!! Fastista!!!

Incredibly great performance! Thanks for the fun write viewers․


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