Everyone’s definitely seen it: Here’s what the Kinder bars guy looks like today

Everyone has probably seen his face, and hardly anyone loves this chocolate bar. Josh Bateson, the youngster who has now grown up and just turned 28, is the one in question.

By the way, Josh once held the position of G. Euringer, another famous face in advertising. He is a director of photography who is currently 50 years old.

Everyone has certainly seen it: this is what the Kinder bars guy looks like today.
His mother took Josh to a casting fifteen years ago. The kid took on the role of Kinder’s new face. He quickly gained worldwide recognition.

The man currently has over 130,000 followers on Instagram and operates his own blog.

The young man frequently uploads photos of himself with a chocolate bar. This is what his followers love the most.

Initially, from the packaging of Kinder chocolate, Günter Euringer was photographed. But when he was old enough, now he is 53, the chocolate maker was taken over by a boy born in 1994, Josh Bateson, who is now 26.

Now, he is quite a popular and recognizable character, garnering a lot of likes on Instagram. Josh is a graduate of England’s Loughborough University.
Specialty – politics, international relations. By profession, not working yet. Earn money from ads on Instagram. The reach of advertised products – restaurants, shoes, toothpaste.


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