Grace Bello’s unexpected voice dazzles the judges

The recent Blind Audition of the American reality TV show “The Voice” saw Grace Bello perform the beautiful cover song of “Ghost” by Justin Bieber. John Legend was the first to turn his chair red. Soon, Blake Shelton and Camila Cabello followed suit. However, Gwen Stefani held on almost to the very end of the performance. Grace Bello – La Voix The talented singer obtained a “round of 4 chairs” before ending her performance.

She willingly talked about her to the coaches. The 21-year-old told the judges she was originally from Texas but had recently moved to Washington. Grace dazzled the judges with her beautiful, soft voice. John praised the singer and said she had perfect control over her voice and her stunning singing style. He told her that they could work together and make wonderful music on the show. Gwen told Grace that she was unique as a singer.
It was rare for someone to show so many facets of their voice. She said she could get tender with her voice and even understood the lyrics to what she was singing at such a young age.

Gwen added: “There is no one like you in my team and I would love to coach you. “Havana” singer Camila was smart enough to figure out that Grace loved pop music because of her song selection.
She added that exploring song choices with the 21-year-old singer would be an exciting and fun experience.

Camila couldn’t help but compliment Grace and told her, “I thought when you had your belt tone on, I was like, Ooh, I hear a bit of Ariana in that. Grace added, “Well, I’m Sicilian and I know she’s Italian.” She also revealed that she was Cuban, like Camila.

Blake knew he wasn’t very lucky to have the talented singer on his team. However, he continued to like him and told the youngster, “His voice was magical. He said he might not know much other than pop music, but that didn’t mean he didn’t like it. He said he could represent her as someone who had recently known her. The fact that he did not have the same musical preference did not matter to him.

On a lighter note, Camila teased John by pulling out his team jacket. The singer had updated her name on it. Thus, the coat said, “Camila is a legend. John stood up and showed the original team jacket. After the coaches have made their pitch. Now it was Grace’s turn to choose a voice coach.


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