The teacher decided to motivate her students to study well and decided to donate a new pair of shoes

In one of the provinces of Sudan, a teacher decided to motivate her students by giving them a gift. The teacher said she was going to give a pair of shoes to one of their classmates but she didn’t know who to give it to. So she asked to write down the names and put them in a box to choose the winner by accident. The children were delighted and all gave their papers to their teacher.

She filled the box and soon took out a piece of paper that said Wafaa Abdelkarim. The whole class cheered because they wanted their classmate to wear new shoes. Hers were worn out and she came from a poor family. But she was one of the best students in the school.

The teacher came home and told this story to her husband who congratulated her for this act but did not understand why his wife was so excited. Soon, the teacher said that all the classmates had written the same name because they knew she needed the shoes most of all.


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