Piano prodigy with autism goes viral after receiving $15,000 gift

When eleven-year-old Jude Kofie sat down at an old keyboard in his home in Aurora, Colorado, his dad could never have guessed what would happen next. Although he had no formal piano training, Jude, who has autism, started playing the keyboard at near-expert level! According to CBS Sunday Morning, some have even called his natural talent “Mozart level.”

Denver 7 ended up sharing his supernatural talent in a now-viral story that caught the eye of a very nice guy in a nearby county. This man ended up giving Jude an extremely generous gift: a $15,000 grand piano! According to the outlet, Jude’s family immigrated to the United States from Ghana and are working to support 4 children while sending money back to Ghana. Ultimately, the resources to support Jude’s talent development are slim.

It was something the generous stranger, later identified as Bill Magnusson, realized. He knew that if someone did not step in to help Jude, the young boy would not be able to really develop his musical talent. Photo: YouTube/CBS Sunday morning $15,000 is no small gift to share even with a close friend, so it’s even more special to get this from a stranger.
Watch the video below, courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning: If you want to follow Jude and hear more of his music, you can check out his official YouTube channel here!


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