A father and daughter enjoyed a wedding dance with a twist, excited guests and amused the internet

Children form separate bonds with their mother and father, sharing different interests with each of them. Sometimes a child will be closer to his father while others will be more related to his mother. But the love for both exists, creating a strong family bond. It’s nice to have a parent and a best friend in one. Home is much more intimate when you have someone you can talk to freely without being judged. You can joke around with them, enjoy game nights, take trips, and do anything fun under the sun. Plus, as your best friend, they held you accountable for your mistakes – not to condemn you but to make sure you made the right decisions. For this reason, weddings are a bittersweet moment for parents.

They are undoubtedly happy with the new milestone their child is about to achieve, but letting go is also sad. It is especially an emotional moment for fathers who cherished their little princesses until they became queens on their own. This is why fathers are often on high alert when their daughters present a potential husband. They would stay vigilant until they could fully trust the guy.

Fathers get more sentimental when they walk their daughter down the aisle and pass her to the groom. Apart from this, it is customary for father and bride to share a dance during the wedding reception. The moment is indeed sincere and anticipated by the guests – it really is a sentimental touch to the event. This part of the reception is usually accompanied by slow songs and soft instruments that make the moment more emotional.
Every wedding has its version of a father and bride dance. For Nancy and her dad, why be serious when you can have fun at a party? Nancy Krieger’s wedding has gone viral on the internet due to the twist. Instead of just sharing a sweet, slow dance, she and her dad raised the roof that day! The guests were surprised by the sudden change of pace as Nancy started to do some moves.

At first, the dad seemed surprised, but a few seconds later he ended up following his daughter’s dance steps. According to Nancy, “I am an only child, and my father and I are very close. So when we were deciding like what dances we were going to do, we were like, there’s no way we can do like a slow song because we’re just gonna cry all the time.

It was then that his father, Ronald Lestock, suggested doing something different. The two planned the special moment and even chose songs together, which were mixed by their DJ. They learned the choreography of their father-daughter dance for more than eight months. “I have no movement.

You know, that’s the movement I have. I had the YMCA,” Ronald said during their interview with Good Morning America. “She made them all up,” he added. Anyone can certainly feel the exceptional bond between Nancy and her father. She also mentioned that he was not only a parent to her, but also her point of reference. “We are really, really tight. I don’t know if it’s because she’s an only child, but I had a lot of time to focus only on her.

I have often heard that you cannot be a friend. You must be a parent. But I think you can be both,” Ronald said lovingly. The dance became even more remarkable as they showed off their adorable relationship. They entertained their guests and Internet users.

Nancy is indeed blessed to have a father like Ronald – something many people wish they had. For them, marriage was never a separation between a child and its parents, but a celebration. No matter where life takes Nancy, she will always be her father’s best friend.


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