Father-daughter duo Mat & Savanna Shaw perform the uplifting duet of “The Prayer”

Famous duets have been a staple of the music industry for years, but this one is quite unique. It features the father and daughter team of Matthew Shaw and Savanna Shaw, who are a musical duo from Utah.

They perform a song called “The Prayer” in a theater with a full band. After releasing music videos during the pandemic, the duo have become a YouTube success story. This song was their first video message, and now they perform it live.

Matt writes: “The first song we sang together as a father-daughter duet was this song. It’s special for so many reasons. It perfectly reflects our hope for the new year. A prayer for life to be good, for every broken heart to be repaired, a prayer for strength and faith so that we are safe. This is our prayer for you.
The duo stand on a stage filled with red flowers leading to a staircase covered in red carpet. There is a group behind the flowers wearing all black clothes and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree stands in the middle of the scene.

There are red party carpets on the stage floor that Matt and Savanna are standing on. She wears a long silver dress and he wears a black three-piece suit. They are accompanied by an orchestra of cellos, violins, piano, guitars and bass.

Savannah starts the song alone, but once they hit the chorus, they both harmonize and the song builds with intensity. The melody expands in the second verse as the two sing a different part, blending together beautifully.

Then Matthew sings the first verse over Savanna, who simultaneously sings the second verse. They end with the chorus again and land on a long note as the crowd loudly applauds them. They thank the crowd as they bow in this memorable performance.


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