An emotional performance of “Home” by Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton has one that holds back tears

On a recent star-studded party, Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton sang a duet rendition of “Home.” Bublé originally released this song in 2005 and was covered by Shelton in 2007. The overwhelmingly enthusiastic audience included the song’s co-writer, Amy Foster. Michael Bublé’s 2005 hit “Home” was a favorite of many artists. Blake Shelton was one such performer and offered his cover of the hit in 2007. Recently, the two stars had the opportunity to sing this song together. Names like Kenny G, Celine Dion and Brain McKnight in the same breath can only mean one thing; someone in the music industry decided to do a whole gig. In this case, it is the famous music producer and music industry mogul David Foster.

Over the years, David Foster has built a solid reputation for sizing up talent and making many stars shine a little brighter. With so many musically gifted friends under one roof, you can be sure David’s concert was an evening to remember. Not only were the musicians talented, but the songs were carefully selected to maximize each musician’s gifts. Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton were two such stars. During this colossal event, the two were set to perform Bublé’s 2005 hit, and they did not disappoint. As David Foster sat at the piano, the audience knew they were in for a treat.

Bublé started with a few light banter, then quickly moved into a more serious mode. Shortly before performing, Bublé dedicated the performance to Amy Foster, David’s daughter and co-writer of the song. David’s already sparkling smile became effervescent. After Bublé sang a few lines from his hit song, Foster gave a few questioning looks and asked, “What was that? When Bublé replied that it was a country house, Foster informed him that “the guy who actually has a country hit with that song is here.” It didn’t take a lot of conviction for Bublé to make it a duet.
Once Blake Shelton took the stage, he quickly added his vocals to Foster and Bublé’s musical creation to create a new sound. Although they perform in very different corners of the musical universe, they were able to play against each other to find an even better place together. Their performance was proof that “Home” is somewhere for all of us.

How do you think Bublé and Shelton communicated with the “Home” duo? Maybe you have talented friends or family members who make a great artistic team. Take a few moments and tell us how hard they work to make your world more beautiful.


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