After heartbreaking tragedy, mother and son earn Golden Buzzer with ‘You Are The Reason’ duet

A mother-son vocal duo has touched the hearts of everyone who watches Ireland’s Got Talent. Sharon and her son Brandon took the stage to audition for the show, performing Calum Scott’s song “You Are the Reason.” As the two took center stage, judge Denise van Outen asked if their song choice had any special meaning to them. Nineteen-year-old Brandon looked at his mother and immediately began to hold back tears, so Sharon gave everyone an emotional explanation. Sharon sat by Brandon’s bed, holding the principal for him as she talked and sang to him.
She begged him, “Come on, Bud, come back to me. And he woke up. It just wasn’t his time. Doctors didn’t know what, if any damage had been done to Brandon’s brain due to oxygen deprivation during the entire experiment. Everyone watching was curious to see Brandon’s commentary going after the incident. As the song’s intro begins, mother and son part ways for a special look and Brandon starts the song.

The audience immediately falls under the spell of Brandon’s pure and sweet voice. It’s so moving to see the bond between this mother and her son as they sing this song that means so much to them. They marry wonderfully and receive hearts everywhere. Even the judges couldn’t help but feel tears welling up in their eyes. Tears streamed down Brandon’s face as they finished their duet, and the crowd and all four judges gave a standing ovation.
As the audience applauded, host Lucy Kennedy came out from behind the stage and down the steps to the judges’ table. Sharon and Brandon looked a little confused and unsure what had happened. Lucy approached the judges and said, “They are mine! ” as she hit the Golden Buzzer. Show host Lucy said, “Thank you both for being my Golden Buzzer. You are just amazing and I am so proud to have you both.

An emotional Denise Van Outen added, “I just think you two are fabulous together. You can see the love shining through. You both have amazing voices individually, but together you are simply phenomena. You are the ones to watch in this contest. This moving performance sent Sharon and Brandon straight to the live shows. Even though they weren’t selected, Sharon said it best in the introductory interview: We are winners today.


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