He is the real singer. Simon is delighted with the performance of the father of six children

Judge Simon Cowell isn’t known for being sweet and nice on any panel at any show, in fact, he’s known for just the opposite.
And yet, there are times when even Cowell’s frozen heart melts. This was the case of Miсhael Caterer, father of six, who took to the stage during the current season of Ameriсa’s Got Talent. At first, Miсhael seemed shy. He explained to the judges that he had six children, all placed in foster care. Miсhael also works as a nurse in the child health service.
The reason she is on the show in the first place is to be an inspiration to her family, especially her children. Trying to achieve his dream, Miсhael wanted to prove to his children that they could achieve their greatest goals. He wanted to show them that nothing is impossible and that his children can follow their dreams. What a source of inspiration. Especially for children from difficult families who have not had an ideal start in life. Miсhael chose to sing “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees. It is very difficult not to get angry listening to his voice. What do you think of Miсhael’s version? You are also his fans like Simon Cowell.



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