This woman has a lot of tattoos: Check out the tattoo-free photo

Almost entirely covered in tattoos, the woman shared photos where she is without tattoos.

His early works were simple sketches drawn on juvenile skin. A rose on the arm in memory of his beloved grandmother.

Becky Holt is a well-known woman in the UK. Indeed we discover it on his Instagram. She shows her body tattooed at 95% of its surface.

From head to toe, his passion for body art made him famous. His tattoos tell of his travels, his stories, his encounters.

You can’t walk past it without looking at it. She attracts our curiosity who would like to look at every detail of her drawings.

The woman spent 35,000 euros, according to professionals who can give the total price at a glance.
“When you start getting tattooed, you can’t stop. We think it’s always the last “Becky tells Tatoostyle magazine.

It was not easy for her to find a traditional job because of her physique.
So she started her own business and now she tattoos.

Here is a photo where the woman has not yet covered her whole face. Do you prefer the beautiful before or after? It is necessary for all the colors as the expression says.

Her style is a mixture of songs, lyrics written on her body and drawings made by international artists.

A mixture of styles, her body is a work of art that she proposes to show to the public who follows her.


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