Afida Turner surprised everyone by kissing a TPMP live columnist

Afida Turner surprised everyone by kissing a live columnist. The temperature rose in the room.
Wednesday evening, before going to perform in a theater in Treviso, Afida Turner was the guest of tmtp to let go by kissing Danielle Moreau.

All the public and the columnists were shocked and amused to see the star suddenly take the face of a man and kiss him frankly.
Then the star arrived. And, as usual, the brightly colored blonde was quick to put on a show by delivering a new interpretation of her hit Etienne as soon as she entered the set. Arrived straight from Miami, it is clear that the singer did not suffer from jet lag, quite the contrary since she was overflowing with energy.

The actress who performed at the Théâtre de Trévise in Paris did not stop on such a good path since she then did the show… with Danielle Moreau!

As you can see in the video earlier in this article, Afida Turner placed the edge of an ultra-spicy chip on the corner of her lips before giving the other end to the columnist and kissing her full on the mouth. “Etienne, Etienne, Etienne!!! “, sang Danielle who obviously loved this moment.

Afida Turner is a French personality, born on December 22, 1976 in Los Angeles in the United States.
She is best known for appearing on several television shows in France, including “Loft Story” in 2001, where she gained some notoriety due to her explosive temper and outspokenness.

Since then, she has appeared on many other reality shows, as well as variety shows and music videos. She has also worked as an actress, singer and model.


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