This girl filled the whole room with her song. He has a beautiful harmonious voice and incredible talent.

The talent show program continues to amaze with the abilities of its talented participants. The new fourth season of the children’s talent show “Voice of the Earth” has begun. There were many competitors. This little one won over all the audition judges by performing the song “Human” by singer Rag’n’Bone Man.

Sofia Lozina, who decided to go all the way, had an amazing voice. But her voice was not enough, she was also a talented songwriter and composer.

The judges were very excited. Her parents knew about her little talent, but they had no idea that she was such a talented child and would deliver such a performance. The little one climbed with confidence. She gave a very enthusiastic speech. The jury also meets many talented people and it was not easy to decide which one to recognize as the winner.

The choice is really not easy, because all of them are gifted and intelligent in different ways. And the choice was really difficult and so easy. This was not the case. When they heard the girl’s voice, they were surprised at first, then they didn’t know how to cheer her up and see her go because of the excitement. The whole room applauds the performance of the delighted little girl. After finishing the song, he lowered his head and smiled softly, which inspired the members of the jury with great confidence. Everyone clapped enthusiastically and the jury hailed their honorable victory after summarizing the speech and listening to all the children. They did not expect such a decisive performance. Such a powerful voice and many other gifts could only be decisive and serious for her. Not that she is really endowed with great abilities. Her parents considered themselves lucky to have such a talented daughter.


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