Two friends transform a motorhome into a mobile laundry for the homeless

Two young Australians from Brisbane decided it was time to start doing good deeds and helping people. They came up with the idea of a mobile laundry for the homeless. For this purpose, a van was purchased.

They knew exactly how it should be outfitted and what it should look like. The guys did not trust anyone with this work and did everything themselves. We started with the installation of strong electricity and wall cladding.

Lucas then put together a solid platform. It’s time to draw. They only had one option, orange. The non-profit organization they started is called Orange Sky Laundry. With the interior of the van finished, it was time to install professional-grade washer/dryers. Two washing machines have been installed with pumps to evacuate waste water and supply detergents.

Friends have an important mission. They want to offer free laundry services to all homeless Australians. They work in conjunction with organizations that deliver food to the homeless in trucks. You can grab a bite to eat and immediately wash your stuff nearby, from blankets to shoes.
Lucas and Nicholas have been washing the clothes of homeless people on the streets of Brisbane for over a month now. And they are going to expand, ideally – to organize such mobile laundries in every city in Australia.

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