So small, but also very talented. He plays the violin so skillfully that from this age he can be considered an ideal musician

Perhaps none of today’s violinists come close in talent to the masters of the past, but after what you are about to read, I can assure you that classical music has a bright future ahead of it, both that there will be more children. five years as Akim Camara.

By watching the video that we present to you today, you will see that Akim has a gift for playing the violin, it’s magic! Here I check the name of the composer of this piece and little Akim comes on stage and does something like that. André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra invited a child prodigy to perform “The Dance of the Fairies” by Felix Mendelssohn and the child took over the show and the public loved it; it was something he had never seen before. If you are a music lover and feel a particular attraction for classical music, you cannot miss it, you are going to have a great time with this little artist.

It’s amazing that someone so young can master such a complex musical instrument as the violin, and in what way! He surpasses many veteran musicians today and it certainly shows he was born for it. The finger movements he has give the impression that he was born with this gift. It is not normal to see such a young child playing the violin with such naturalness and precision.

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