95-Year-Old Lady Wins Grammy, Says There’s Never an Age Limit to Fulfilling Your Dreams

Ángela Álvarez won first prize in the Best New Artist category and confessed that she never imagined it would really happen. It’s never too late to achieve our dreams, there is no “right age” for certain milestones or goals. Many are stereotypes and judgments of society, but sometimes these things are not in line with reality. Thus, Ángela Álvarez, 95-year-old singer and musician, won a Latin Grammy in the Best New Artist category. The woman has become one of oldest people to receive a Grammy and she pointed out that she was also recognized as a revelation artist, which she did not expect at her age.

Álvarez released his first album in 2021, which bears his first and last name as the title. According to what she mentioned on the red carpet during the awards show, she had always loved art very much, since she was little, but her father forbade her from pursuing music. However, she does not put her passion aside and begins to compose and play the guitar in secrecy. Before the event, the lady said, “I feel very happy, very happy and very proud to have been nominated for the Grammys. They liked my music. She also maintained that she never thought this moment would come, but that “there’s always time to make our dreams come true.” The truth, she never imagined she would achieve such success.

On the other hand, she shared that she had some reluctant to enter the music industry because she was afraid of being plagiarized. At 95, a producer or record company may like their music but want someone younger to play it. But her family came to save her, because her granddaughter son studied her music and helped her produce her songs. His grandson has promised to help him achieve his dream of being an artist.

So Carlos José Álvarez prepared a studio in Los Angeles, California and got to work. After winning the prize, the woman wanted to thank the musicians for supporting her and her family: “and my daughter Maruсha, I know she benefits from this moment and she is very proud of her mother”. She also of course mentioned Carlos, who came on stage with her and looked very excited. Here you can see his full speech.

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