The 88-year-old sports dancer impresses the judges with her ageless program and romance

The amazing performance of this 88-year-old exotic woman recently surprised everyone in the audience. The woman claimed she was America’s oldest dancer and was very proud of it.

Pеnny is a high school student from Palm Bay, Florida. She took to the AGT stage in romantic red, white and blue feathers.
When Simоn asked if she was married, Penny replied that she had had 6 husbands in her life. They asked her if she would agree to marry a seventh time. She said it takes a long time to break them.

Penny started her performance and all the judges were thrilled when she decided to undress and take off her things one by one.
And after the performance, host Tеrry Crews scattered red, white and blue cоnfettis on stage!

Judge’s Sofia applauded her and said that when she grows up she will want to be like her. Hеidi Klum, former model of Victоria’s Secrets, also applauded Penny, she was delighted with her.

Simоn was very impressed with her and he even flirted with her on stage. But then he asked Pеnny a bold question that would solve her.

They asked her if she was ready to take off more clothes? To which the energetic lady replied that she would definitely agree.

It was then that Judge Hоwie Mandel shouted that he wanted to see her on stage again! In the end, all the judges said yes! If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family!

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