Heartbreaking moment: a young mother entrusts her little one to a foster family

Hanna Monji got pregnant at 18. At that time, she had only known her boyfriend for two months, they were very young, and their relationship was too immature to have a child. So they decided to immediately give him up for adoption. But parting with the firstborn was not as easy as the girl imagined.
“If I didn’t love you, this wouldn’t have happened and you wouldn’t have found a wonderful family,” she said in tears. “I will kiss you as much as possible before I give you to Brad and Emily. I love you, Taggart Cayden March, my boy, my son.

I love you so much ! Taggart’s adoption was open, meaning Hannah had the opportunity to participate in the process of choosing new parents for her son. Now Hannah regularly acts as Taggart’s nanny and communicates regularly with the little one, who will soon be 2 years old.

Hannah met Emily and Brad during her pregnancy, she loved them. In March 2019, two weeks before her due date, Hannah went into labor and soon gave birth to a boy named Taggart Cayden at Utah Valley Hospital in Provo.

Today, Taggart is 22 months old and Hannah, through open adoption, plays an important role in his life. She regularly spends time with Taggart and her two brothers, Carter, three, and Lucas, one month, at the Marsh home.

Emily, a mother of three, says she feels great gratitude to Hannah, as well as the mothers of her two other sons, for giving their family a priceless gift. According to her, it was important to her and her husband of 29 years, Brad, that the biological mothers remain in the lives of the little ones.

Speaking about the video footage Hannah made after Taggart was born, Emily said: “It was very touching. I didn’t know she filmed it at the time. Our eldest son’s mother wrote him a long letter to read in the future, and Hannah did.

We were glad Taggart got to watch this tape – we know how much Hannah loves it! We think she gave us the greatest gift. »

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