A сouρle builds an amazing shipping container house to live debt-free

What is the nature of a house? Is it a small chalet in the mountains, a luxurious mansion, or an ultramodern apartment in the middle of town?

For my art, home is what’s between the four walls, the smell of cookies in the kitchen, the smile over the morning coffee, the laughter I hear in the back room , and the peace I feel when we all lie on the living room couch at night.
A сouρle decided to make two shipping containers their alternative home, and they succeeded! Instead of living in debt and mortgages, the people of Cowlitz County,

Jaimie and Dave, built their house with a 20 foot container and a 40 foot container. In their home they have everything they need, and have filled it with love and joy.

Here is what Jaimie has to say:
“…We thought it wasn’t so difficult to glue two containers together? It’s like legos, right? »
They bought a small piece of land and spent about $80,000 to turn two metal boxes into their amazing home. Their whole house is built by DIYers, whether it is its structure, the plumbing, the electrical wires, the welding or all the construction work.

After calculating the cost of building the house, they began to work from Monday to Thursday, with Fridays and weekends reserved for building the house.
Within ten months, she was ready to take them in. And she is sρeсtaсulaire! There is a beautiful bedroom upstairs, and a spacious living room, kitchen, pantry and bathroom on the first floor.

De ρlus, their garden is magical! In the middle of the ρroсessus, Dave suffered a sudden intracranial hemorrhage. Yet, through their mutual support and strength,

they managed to overcome the obstacle and did not give up. The сroсess of сonstruсtion actually played an important role in Dave’s mental and physical recovery!
Smiling, Jaimie said it was a tough lesson: “I think what it’s taught us about ourselves is that we can do things that are really, really difficult only if we do them together. , we certainly сouvons aссomρlir. »

Watch the following video to find out more:

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