Grandma’s dog took care of her until the last days: went shopping, to the pharmacy and wore clothes

My great-grandmother’s name was Lena, a large dog, whose name was Vasily, lived with her. Grandmother Lena was 86, but she retained good spirits and body, she coped with household chores, prepared treats for her grandchildren and looked after Vasily. The dog, on the other hand, did not want to come to terms with the fact that an elderly woman does so many things, so as soon as the grandmother started cleaning, Vasily grabbed a rag with his teeth and tried his best to help the hostess. Sometimes his attempts to clean the floors led to a good result.

Vasily always accompanied the hostess to the store. Grandmother thus replenished stocks, and walked the dog. Granny was short and thin, next to her walked a huge dog, which was much larger than the old woman. An unusual couple has always attracted the attention of passers-by. In the store, Vasily held a bag in his teeth, in which his grandmother put food. He gave the package to the dog only at the checkout so that Lena could pay, and then carried it all the way to the house and let it go only after he had brought it to the kitchen.

The dog always helped his grandmother in everything, unquestioningly carried out all her commands. Sometimes Vasily went to the store on his own. In a small town, everyone knew him and were sure that he would not touch children, adults, or other animals. Outwardly, the dog gives the impression of a gloomy animal, but he was well brought up, he was always happy to meet familiar people and even helped them bring home packages from the store.

When the grandmother felt bad, Vasily went to the pharmacy for medicines. All the salesmen and pharmacists in the area knew the dog, and he knew them and knew exactly where he needed to go. The grandmother put the money and a note with the name of the drugs in a bag, Vasily carried it to the pharmacy.

The pharmacist in the pharmacy closest to the house knew Vasily, always greeted him, and the sand nodded in greeting and gave a package with money and a list. Having received everything he needed, Vasily was heading home to sit next to the hostess and watch her favorite TV shows.

When Lena became weak, Vasily took care of her. The dog brought her slippers and a bathrobe, went to the pharmacy and the grocery store. He also went to the store with a package. In which there was a note and money, he always greeted the sellers with a nod and patiently waited for them to fill the package with everything they needed. Grandma and her dog were inseparable.

Vasily experienced the death of his grandmother hard. He had no tears, but even without them it was clear that he was grieving. Without Lena, Vasily lived only a couple of weeks, and then went after

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