The guy collects tires around the city and makes beds out of them for animals

Any cat owner knows that these animals show an extraordinary love for boxes, basins, any containers in which they can curl up and sleep. Such passion is typical for both pets and street cats. A resident of Brazil, Amarildo, also noticed her, he often saw how street cats settled down to lie down in old tires. The guy decided that the tires could be improved by making beds for pussies out of them. A small investment in equipment was required, after which Amarilda got to work.

He collected old tires in ditches and garbage heaps. Then he cleaned and perfected them. In addition to tools, his product requires paint, fabric and stuffing to keep the bed soft. At first, the guy could hardly find money to buy materials, but now his business has begun to generate income and this is no longer such a problem.

The tire beds turned out so cute that soon Amarild had a line of customers. The master approaches each product individually, learning from the owners of animals the preferences in the color of paint and fabric, and other features. The guy owes his success to the fact that the prices for his beds are low. Wealthy people can afford to buy cats an expensive sofa in the store, Amarild’s clients are people with low incomes.

A man earns a living from his business, helps to reduce the number of tires on the street, because they pollute the environment, and also pleases cats and their owners.

Some believe that a guy should place his beds around the city so that stray animals can use them, but the mentality of the Brazilians is not too different from ours and very quickly there will be someone who will take them to his house, rejoicing that he received something that’s free.

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