Photos of shelter dogs before and after they found loving owners

Hundreds of dogs end up in shelters every year. Many of them used to live on the street, they do not know what care and love are. Some animals saw only cruelty from people. When such animals are taken home, surrounded by love and care, their lives change dramatically, these changes are visible both in the behavior and in the appearance of the animals.

“The cutest creature I have ever met. The second photo was taken just a month after the first.

“My friend and I adopted Buck from a shelter in 2019. I love him to bits.”

“Before and after”.

In these pictures, dogs whose life can be divided into two periods: a difficult one that passed on the street, and a happy one that began after they found their owners.

“It’s been a year since we adopted Maya from the shelter.”

“Last year we brought home this sick puppy.”

“The Joker used to be in dog fights. Love healed him.”

The first photo shows how care and love have changed the animal. The dog was on its own, did not know care and was sick. In the new house, she became cheerful and active, the love of a person helped her, and now even outwardly it looks like a completely different animal.

“It’s been six years since I got the moon.”

“Just look at these changes!”

“Ollie was rescued from South Korea: they were going to eat him.”

In all the pictures you can see the dramatic changes that have occurred with the animals. From the first picture it is noticeable that life was not kind to them, they were starving, they endured cold, cruelty on the part of a person, some ended up on the street after they got bored with their owners.

“Thank you to everyone who worked to save Magnum’s life.”

“Remy used to suffer from scabies and malnutrition.”

In the photo “after” – completely different animals. Not only their appearance has changed. Dogs have become self-confident, their eyes glow with happiness, because they are sure that they love and appreciate. Animals need love and care just as much as people, and often more, because they cannot always take care of themselves. These photos are the best confirmation that taking a dog from a shelter or from the street, a person can create a real miracle.

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