People were frightened by knocking on their windows, and a homeless shepherd dog was just looking for somewhere to warm up.

It was cold outside, an employee of the Kursk enterprise was having dinner in the dining room. Suddenly, the woman heard someone knocking on the window. The worker was surprised, but went to check. Pulling back the curtain, the woman saw that a shaggy dog knocked on the window.

The woman was a little frightened of an unfamiliar animal, but came closer and then realized that in front of her was a German shepherd. The dog stood up on its hind legs, and with its front paws knocked on the window, examining the woman with curiosity.

The worker decided to let the dog in to warm herself and opened the door. The shepherd immediately went into a warm room and began to demonstrate her gratitude to the woman, spinning at her feet. The dog was dirty and extremely thin. It was clear that she had been living on the street for a very long time.

The animal was fed, it warmed up and began to show its skills, which came as a surprise to the employees. The animal carried out all the commands, it seemed that it understands what the people around are talking about.

The dog won the hearts of workers, now she often comes to the enterprise, knowing that here she will always be fed and allowed to warm herself. The shepherd reports that she has come in the same way – knocking on the window with her paw.

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