Arriving at the call, the policeman saved the newborn puppy

The owners of the puppy did not want to take care of the baby, they also did not look for a new home for him, but simply took him to the door of the shelter and left him there. It was night, the shelter workers were inside and did not go out, so they did not even guess that a newborn puppy was lying in front of their door, which had begun to freeze.

At that time, it was freezing cold in Texas, which is not typical for this state. The cold was so strong that pipes cracked in some houses. In such frosts, a newborn puppy was left on the street, on the stone steps of the shelter. Fate decided to give the baby a chance to save.

Police officer Marcus Montgomery was on duty that night. On official business, he needed to look into the shelter and it was he who found a freezing baby pit bull at the door. As soon as the man took the baby in his arms, he immediately began to smile at the person. At that moment, it became clear that a special connection appeared between the policeman and the puppy. Having warmed up in the hands of a man, the puppy immediately fell asleep. Marcus realized that he could not leave this baby.

The Montgomery house had a dog, also a pit bull. He adopted his first pet from the same shelter, on the steps of which he found a friend for him.

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