Despite the pain from injections and tears, Musya continued to feed the hedgehogs, whom she took care of like a mother

Residents of Vladivostok saw this touching story with their own eyes, and the rest learned about it thanks to cute photos and videos. This story is about the cat Musa and her unusual adopted children.

Musya lives in a zoo. Employees say that for the first time, becoming a mother, the cat took care not only of her babies, but also of kittens, which were left without a mother. This time, Musya turned out to have much more unusual foster children – hedgehogs.

Eight tiny hedgehogs were left without a mother. These animals feed on milk, it is important for them, like kittens, to spend the first three months of their life next to their mother, who will feed and warm them. Musya heard the squeak of hungry kids who were left completely alone. Zookeepers did not try to put a hedgehog on the cat, she herself came to their squeak and, climbing into the nest, immediately began to feed, and then raise other people’s children.
Musya paid a lot of attention to the kids, she even tried to wash them.

Such behavior for a cat is not surprising. Despite the fact that just a couple of weeks before the hedgehogs appeared, Musya was sterilized, this did not affect her maternal instinct. The sound of babies crying gave rise to a hormonal surge and Musya took on the role of a mother. According to zoo officials, the hedgehogs were lucky, because without a cat, their chances of surviving were low.

Hormones led to the fact that the cat after sterilization had milk. The hedgehogs quickly figured out how to satisfy their hunger.

Mesya feeds the babies and endures the pain that the needles cause her, because it is important for her that the crumbs do not remain hungry. While the hedgehog’s spines are soft, when they grow up, the spines will become sharp, but by then the hedgehogs will start eating on their own.

Veterinarians monitor the condition of hedgehogs, they say that they develop according to their age. Gradually, babies begin to wean from milk, most likely Musa will not have to feed them anymore, although for her taking care of the crumbs has become a joy, not a heavy burden.

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