Walking through the forest, Vadim saw a dog that was tied to a tree. Underneath was a letter.

Vadim spent the whole week taking inventory of warehouses. The shortage turned out to be solid, the authorities were indignant, Vadim was nervous. Returning from work, he got off at the stop earlier, deciding to walk through the woods and calm his nerves a little after another busy day at work. Fortunately, the weekend was ahead of the man.

On Saturdays, Vadim slept until 10, and so it happened this time. Stretching, he made his way to the bathroom. At breakfast, Vadim began to make plans for the day, deciding to go shopping, visit his parents, go for a run in the park, and meet up with friends in the evening.

Soon all the plans of the man were violated. Vadim went to the store through the forest, a walk through which often calmed his nerves at the end of the working day. Walking along the path, the man noticed something white that flashed in the depths of the forest. The man almost jumped in surprise.

Having overcome the first fear, Vadim decided to check what was in the bushes. He left the path and went deeper into the depths, approaching what caused his fear. Coming quite close, Vadim saw that in front of him was a beautiful dog with bright white hair.

– How did you get here? Vadim asked himself.

The dog did not run away, when the man approached her, he understood the reason – the animal was tied to a tree.

Vadim got angry, he could not accept the fact that someone could do this to an animal. Emotions were overflowing: at work there was a mess, even in the forest it was a mess, because someone could treat a dog so cruelly.

Vadim came up to untie the dog and noticed that she was sitting on a piece of paper. Picking up the sheet, the man realized that it was a note, it had a very peculiar address: “To the one who will become the owner of Umka.” The underline was childishly clumsy.

Vadim took out the letter with trembling hands and began to read.

“Hello. I want to believe that this letter is read by a good person who will help my dog. I’m Vanya and I’m 11 years old. Not everything is good at home, so my dad takes out his anger on Umka. I can’t protect my friend from my dad, so I decided that he won’t be bullied anymore. That is why I left Umka in the forest. I beg you to help him.”

After reading the note, Vadim burst into tears like a schoolboy. Having untied the leash, Vadim stroked the dog and went home, accompanied by his new pet.

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