Homeless fold survived from the entrance: kicked out and threw her food into the trash

Before the New Year holidays, someone decided that they no longer wanted to take care of the cat and put it outside. The Scottish fold was abandoned at the entrance of a high-rise building during severe frosts. Probably, the owner of the animal decided that this is the best place for a cat to meet the year, of which it is a symbol.

In Kursk, homeless animals are not very fond of, so one could not count on the fact that someone would shelter a cat. The poor animal froze at the door, until one of the residents let him into the entrance.

The cat modestly went inside and sat down by the radiator on the site to warm up.

The battery was warm, the cat had nowhere to go, so she tried to sit quietly so as not to attract the attention of people. the cat ran to the toilet outside, enduring until someone opened the entrance door, and then patiently waited when it would be possible to return back. The girl who let the cat in put bowls for her, brought water and food, but she could not take her into the apartment, her cats were against the new pet.

The cat lived in the entrance and was grateful for any food and a sign of attention. She herself went for walks, and at night modestly settled herself on rugs at other people’s doors. Musya really missed communicating with people, she was drawn to them, as if to a shrine.

Unfortunately, one of the ardent opponents of the animals that lived in the entrance did notice her. The cat began to be driven out of the entrance, and one of the residents began to take her bowls every day and throw them into the trash. The cat hardly had time to eat, and often remained completely hungry. Just before the holidays, the woman caught sight of not only bowls, but Musya herself. The woman began to beat the animal with her feet, injuring her paw and eye. The cat was shaking with fear, not understanding why the man did this to her.

This is how they treated the animal that symbolizes this year in this house. I want to believe that over the next 365 days this person will be rewarded according to his merits.

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