A healthy cat had tears in her eyes. The owners brought her to “send to the rainbow”

Everyone who has seen the tears of animals cannot remain indifferent to this story.

It was the beginning of February, a weekday. A four-year-old cat, active and healthy, was brought to the clinic. The owners of the animal insisted on euthanasia.

The veterinarian asked the owners about the reason for this decision, they explained that an allergy had begun. The veterinarian refused to give an injection when the owner of the animal simply left him at the clinic and left.

For overexposure, while looking for new owners, Valentina took the cat to her. The animal could not understand what was happening and why the owners were so cruel to him. There were tears in the animal’s eyes.

The cat missed her owners, she did not know that they wanted to euthanize her. The behavior of the cat resembled the behavior of people who have lost their loved ones.

The cat’s name is Shila, she is afraid of dogs and cannot get along with other cats. As it turned out, the owners tried to get rid of her more than once. The first time they kicked her out of the house, and they told their friends that the cat ran away on her own, only the neighbors knew that the animal was terribly afraid of the street.

Shila needs owners who will truly love her. She is sweet and devoted, it is hard for her to come to terms with the fact that the people she loved have betrayed her.

Before leaving for a new home, Sheela will be sterilized so that her new owners will love the cat itself, and not the benefits that her offspring can bring.

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