To save a cat during a flood, a man cut through the floor in the house

The beginning of summer brought with it great flooding to the territory of South Texas, which led to people losing their homes.

Residents of the Weslaco area, the Varcettis, also suffered from the elements. While the water flooded the basement, they managed to hide on the top floor of the house, taking their animals and all the necessary things with them.

But their cat Blanca, for some reason, decided to hide in the basement, which was soon to disappear under water.

When Blanca realized her hopeless situation, she began to meow so loudly that her owners heard her.

The woman decided to try to get into the basement from the outside, but at that moment, the water completely flooded the room.

At some point, the woman burst into tears from hopelessness. Moreover, Blanca did not stop meowing plaintively, which made it even worse

But the husband figured out how to save the cat from the trap. He armed himself with a hammer and an axe, and began to make a hole in the floor on the first floor, focusing on the cry of an animal.

And when the man got the cat, the wife took a photo to capture the happy ending.

A minute later, the basement was completely flooded. The cat escaped with a slight fright, although it was completely wet.

Now the woman was crying with happiness. She recalls that when her husband cut the hole, the water was only a few centimeters from the ceiling. The cat had only minutes to live.

The couple adopted Blanca from an animal shelter. After that incident, the cat began to follow her mistress on the heels and meow loudly when there are people nearby. Perhaps she realizes that she owes her life to people.

The water left after a few days, destroying the organized life of many local residents. But the spouses are not upset, for them the main thing is that no one from their family members was injured.

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