There were 2 lumps on the concrete near the trash can: they pressed close to each other, trying to keep warm

The evening in Chekhov turned out to be cold, the city was gradually covered with snow. Two tiny puppies lay on the pavement near the trash cans. The kids huddled together to keep warm. The crumbs really wanted to survive, but in such weather they had little chance.

The girl was walking home when she noticed the kids. She immediately brought them a box with warm bedding, food and water, and then contacted us and asked us to help the little ones.

Soon we took the puppies, showed them to the vet and brought them to the shelter. The puppies have been treated for parasites. A few days later, the red-haired girl became ill, Catherine decided to nurse and treat her at home.

Doctors diagnosed the baby with an invasion. Treatment and recovery was difficult, for a long time there were problems with the stomach and Amore had to be given probiotics. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the doctors and Ekaterina, the baby recovered.

Amora was thrown out into the street, depriving her of such a happy period as childhood. Already a third of this carefree time has passed,

I want to believe that we can find her a family that will make this loss not so painful.

So far, this sweet and cheerful girl is free-range, but she really wants to find her family.

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