The dog ran after the car for 2 km in the hope of finding new owners. The driver could not resist pressing the brake

In early October, the weather was warm and sunny. Well, how can one sit within four walls on such a day? Roman decided from the very morning that they would go to nature with the whole family.

Roman’s son, Vitalik, who was nine years old, happily supported his father’s idea. But the 14-year-old daughter Natalia was not so in solidarity with the male half, she had her own plans. But she had no choice but to agree to the trip.

And after more than an hour, the whole family settled down near the river. First of all, the father and son went in search of dry branches for the future fire.

Vitalik was unlucky, and he had to move away from the location farthest. And suddenly, he noticed something or someone moving in the bushes.

Vitalik, out of fear, thought of the wolf. But then he calmed down, because he knew that these animals were not found in their area.

Everything cleared up when a reddish-colored dog came out from behind the bushes. Vitalik’s fear immediately vanished. And when he stroked the animal, he wagged his tail with pleasure.

They went together to the clearing, where the fire was already burning. Mom and sister were at first distrustful of such a guest, and decided, for now, not to come close to him. But then it became clear that this is a fairly well-mannered dog, since he did not steal food. And what he was given to eat, he ate calmly, chewing every bite.

It turned out that the dog was taught to fetch a stick.

Roman suggested that the dog used to be a pet. The question was different, how did he end up in a forest plantation? Vitalik did not leave the dog a single step.

But now it’s time to go home. The dog did not leave, and Vitalik periodically looked at his father, with an inquiring expression on his face. Roman was against taking the dog with him. He had several reasons for this. Firstly, the dog can be domestic, and secondly, it is not advisable to take an adult dog into an apartment.

But when their car began to move, the dog followed him.

The dog picked up speed along with the car. The children felt so sorry for the dog that they could not hold back their tears. And then Roman stopped the car.

They took the dog with them and gave him the nickname Lord. The Lord quickly got used to the new place, as if he had lived in an apartment all his life and knew how to behave there.

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