A stray cat snuck onto the balcony and left a surprise there: the most expensive thing she had

This story happened with the Ottmarchitzfeld family. We were stupid in the evening, the whole family gathered at home, when suddenly a cat appeared on their balcony. The owners of the house have seen the animal before, it often appeared on the street in front of the house to ask for food. People could not understand how the cat ended up on the balcony and why it was looking at them through the glass door without taking its eyes off. People went to the balcony to understand what was going on.

As soon as she opened it, the cat jumped to the floor, and there, as it turned out, a small kitten was already waiting for her. The cat, which the Ottmarchitzfelds fed more than once, decided that if these people were kind to her, then they would help her baby. The mother cat was worried that her baby would freeze on the street or starve, so she brought him to where he could get help and care. The cat spent a couple of minutes next to the baby, and then ran away.

The kitten sat on the balcony and looked at people with more curiosity than fear. His sunken belly immediately caught my eye. People brought the baby to eat on the balcony, they did not want to take him into the house, hoping that his mother would return soon. When the cat never showed up, the Ottmarchitzfelds took the baby into the house. The kitten immediately took a fancy to the sofa cushion and lay down, demonstrating his now full belly.

The cat didn’t show up anymore, she didn’t even come to ask for food. What happened to her is unknown, but her baby is satisfied and happy in a new family.

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