When a homeless man was taken to the hospital, all his dogs came and waited at the door

The story took place in Brazil with a homeless man named Luis. The man had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.

However, he did not arrive at the hospital alone. When the ambulance took him away, he was followed by six four-legged, for whom Luis was a friend and master.

The dogs did not want to leave, so the doctors had to call animal rights activists to help them. But the volunteers who arrived only took pictures of the animals under the doors of the hospital and refused to take them away. They claimed that after Luis recovered, the dogs would return to where they came from.

The man has lived on the street for about 20 years. All the inhabitants of the area are accustomed to him and his dogs. Louis tried to help many times, but he didn’t need it, he liked to live like that.

“That night he had a heart attack and the dogs followed their master. Outside the hospital, they were whining and howling.”

The man spent two days in the hospital, and when his condition became stable, he was sent to volunteers for recovery. But he did not see his friends, as they left through the main entrance, and not through the emergency department of the ambulance. So the dogs didn’t know for a while that their owner had already left the hospital.

After the man fully recovered, he returned to his street life and four-legged friends. Now Luis and his dogs live in the same area as before.

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