The cat continued to sit under the window of the firefighters, freezing from the cold, with the hope that they would let her in.

This story took place in Canada, the city of Steinbuck at one of the fire stations. When it was very cold outside, a young cat came under the window of the fire station, hoping that someone would help her.

The attendant noticed her and this greatly surprised him. He walked past the window and saw a cat that persistently looked through the glass directly at him.

“It was very cold outside that day, and she was sitting outside the window. When one of the firefighters went outside, the cat ran towards him.”

The cat continued to sit under the window and did not want to leave.

It was clear from her appearance that the animal had no home, so it had nowhere to go. Then the firefighters decided to let the cat into the fire station, as they were afraid that she would freeze at night.

By the light of the lamps, they managed to get a good look at the caudate, it was very dirty and hungry. However, when she was petted, she immediately purred.

Fire Chief Kevin Teese said he would take the cat in for a while. He could not leave her at all, since he already had four cats. He named the new pet Emma and took her to the vet the next day. The cat turned out to be perfectly healthy, except for a slight frostbite on the tips of the ears.

“I posted her photo and story on social media in the hope that the owner would show up if the cat got lost. After waiting for several days, I still have not received a response to the publication. Then I took Emma back to the vet, where she was vaccinated and they also found ear mites, for which they immediately began to treat.

During visits to the veterinarian, the cat calmly allowed all the procedures to be done, as if she liked human attention.

Some firefighters suggested leaving the cat at the fire station, but there are weekends and at this time even the duty officer is not at the station. So there will be no one to look after Emma.

After that, it was decided to find a permanent family for the cat. While the search is on, the cat was bathed and spayed. Now Emma is gaining weight and slowly playing with toys in a temporary family.

A person has already appeared who wants to take a cat for himself.

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