A devoted dog spent a week outside the hospital, waiting for the owner, not knowing that he was no longer there.

Labrador Paco is six years old and lives in Argentina. The dog is very devoted to his owner – he spent a whole week under the doors of the hospital in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy.

All this time the dog was waiting for his beloved owner, not knowing that he was gone. And the man’s relatives simply forgot about the pet.

For a week, the dog did not leave the side door located next to the main entrance. Soon they put a cardboard box for him and put a piece of cardboard next to him as a bedding.

The staff and visitors of the hospital began to post photos of Paco on social networks, which the animal rights activists soon learned about. It was they who decided to help the dog, since the relatives were not interested in the fate of Paco. Volunteers also decided to find new owners for the pet.

So the animal rights activists took the dog away after he spent a week under the doors of the hospital. Now he is looking for a new home. The Labrador Retriever is known for its loyalty, and this dog just proves it.

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