In frost -20 the dog was left tied to a tree and left

On the way home, the girl noticed a dog tied to a tree. There was no one near the animal.

About the dog that was abandoned on the street, the girl wrote to the social network. A girl from Petrozavodsk was returning through the forest when she saw a dog at the bridge. The animal was collared and tied to a tree by a leash. Women were standing nearby and the girl decided that the dog belonged to them. When the girl decided to clarify, it turned out that the women did not know the animal, but approached the girl to help.

Soon a dozen passers-by and dog lovers gathered at the bridge. One of the men was able to get close to the animal. The dog was frightened both by what was happening and by the number of people around. She met any attempts to approach her with a growl, but the man managed to find a common language with her, approach and cut the leash. After a while, the dog realized that nothing threatened her, became more sociable, walked on her hands and gave a paw.

Many of those gathered around offered to take the dog for a while, but since one man aroused the most confidence in the animal, it was decided that he would provide her with temporary shelter. While the dog lives on overexposure with his savior, she has become calm, trusting and affectionate. They are still looking for new owners, but dozens of people have already offered their help, and some have expressed a desire to give the animal a new family and home.

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